Freedom of Choice

Freedom To Choose your Physical Therapist

You are the most important decision maker in the delivery of your health care. You pay the premiums and the co-pays. You are entitled to choose the most appropriate health care provider to help you achieve your health care goals.

When you determine that you need a physical therapist, you have the power to choose where to go and who to see. Often a family member, neighbor or co-worker has had experience with a local Physical Therapist and you trust their input to help you make the appropriate choice on where to go.

Your doctor may also suggest a Physical Therapist. Your Physician may also insist your therapy be provided by a hospital or other facility in which they have a direct financial interest.

Remember: You are in control to ask if this is the right situation for you. Physical Therapy services should not only be convenient for you, but allow you to work directly with the Physical Therapist who will answer your questions about your care, goals, financial responsibilities for care and ultimate wellness.

Finally, Since December of 2006 New York State has allowed for Direct Access. This landmark law allows for residents of New York State to go to a Physical Therapist without a Physicians referral first. (Your insurance may restrict or limit your access) Direct access puts even greater power into your hands allowing you to choose where you receive your therapy.